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Retreat Maui Hawaii


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The Retreat

Guided meditations and channelings every day

A boat trip to enjoy the ocean and watch the dolphins

A trip on top of the volcano with a pick-nick at the Haleakala National Park 

In this retreat we will connect with the Lemurian energies, that are so easily felt on the island and that will support us during the whole retreat. We will also reconnect to our star roots and reintegrate some of our divine aspects and DNA, so we can remember who we truly are and expand more and more into our divine nature. During the meditations and trips we take on the island we will be greatly supported by the energies of the island, the beauty of the tropical nature, the dolphins and whales, as well as some ascended masters.

The retreat provides a safe space and assistance for experiencing and exploring New Earth/5D Living and supports each and everyone in their journey to live in a higher frequency and creating New Earth - or the Golden Age - from within. 


The group for this retreat will consist of 10 - 12 participants. 


The retreat includes:

Hawaii and Lemuria

The Hawaiian Islands are the remaining mountaintops of what once was the Lemurian continent. The Lemurian energies are embedded in the land and have even become stronger during the past years. Many people feel very moved when coming to Hawaii, because they feel the higher frequency of the land, the Lemurian energies and the heart opening qualities. Nature feels very vibrant and strong on all the islands and the energies are perceived as very loving and nurturing; like a warm embrace. 

Maui is known as a strong heart chakra and especially on top of the Haleakala volcano the heart energies can be felt intensely. The Lemurian 5th dimensional energies are also related to the heart frequency, enabling pure love and Lemurian memories to come forth. This strong heart connection feels like a heavenly comfort and allows us to expand our own hearts in massive ways, if we allow. 

Maui's energy is also very feminine and radiates abundance, which allows the feminine und masculine energies to come into balance more easily and spiral into their divine expressions from there.  

Dolphins and Whales

Dolphins can be seen all year round, the whales only reside in Hawaiian waters from spring to fall. Even though the whales will be far north during our visit, the whales will be assisting energetically as well as the dolphins during this retreat. 

Retreat Details

Gifts from 33
ascended masters

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Crystal Bowl Meditation




Lemurian Whale & Dolphin Meditation


Soul Frequency Activation



8  week online course

8  week online course

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