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We are becoming the vessel for the New Earth to be birthed.


My intention is to bring love and clarity to our awakening and support the reconnecting

with our essence and higher consciousness.

By facilitating ways to move into the frequencies of New Earth with ease and grace and release old patterns and programs effortlessly, I wish to be of assistance.

With our hearts opened we enter a new way of living - filled with aliveness, richness, love, community, dedication, awe and playfulness.


Experiencing New Earth is about grounding ourselves in higher frequencies and remembering who we truly are

Experiencing New Earth is about grounding ourselves in higher frequencies and remembering who we truly are: So we stand in our light and experience much more joy and love in our lives. By allowing the old ways to be released and new dimensions to integrate we awaken our true nature of love and freedom.   


While humanity is in the midst of its journey from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th dimension,

nothing stays the same. We are expanding our consciousness day by day, we perceive, feel and see much more than we did before. We go through a clearing of the old, so we are able to hold more light and we can embody who we truly are.

As we elevate our frequency, our dormant DNA gets awakened

and we are becoming the vessel for the New Earth to be birthed.

Mountains under mist in the morning Amazing nature scenery  form Kerala God's own Country


New Earth Alignment

This online course guides you into the frequencies of New Earth.

It supports your transition into a life with more ease, joy, love and abundance.

When we enter a higher consciousness and leave the old and distorted ways behind us,

we open ourselves to New Earth. Grounded in a much lighter frequency we experience life with more joy, love, ease, playfulness, harmony and togetherness.

These 12 channeled meditations connect you to the frequencies of New Earth. An Ascended Master or Archangel guides you through the meditation and energy transmission.

These meditations are living recordings and they can be listened to multiple times with additional benefit.



This online Light Body Activation strengthens and activates your Light Body

in the most appropriate way for you.

Light Body Activation

And you are experiencing balancing and harmonizing of all the energies and codes within you

so you can release chaotic frequencies easily. Harmonizing energies also brings ease

to possible Light Body Process symptoms and show your body how to get grounded on a regular basis.

They also supports the nervous system with releasing tension and over stimulation

so that more clam and well-being can be experienced.

  Gifts From 33 Ascended Masters - 5D Activations, Codes, and Blueprints is a channeled book, presenting 33 Ascended Masters, each of them revealing an important aspect of the shift into higher consciousness. The 33 Ascended Masters include Quan Yin, St. Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, Thoth, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, Sanat  Kumara, Buddha, and many others.

  The messages in this book are a compelling reminder that we are empowered to transform our lives with the energies of a divine nature that already exists within us. The Ascended Masters help us to reawaken our inner guidance and truth and activate our soul’s mission.

  “We come here to touch your heart, to tickle your mind, and to hold your hand whenever you want. We are present in every moment of your experience. We are in time, and without time, we are eternal, and so are you. We love you and we are the love that encompasses the world. This love is like matter to us. It creates, it pulsates, and it exists in everything that is. You are love, even in the moments you don't feel it.” 

Master Hilarion, Chapter 1


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