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The Beauty of Surrender

Sometimes when we struggle, when our path seems unclear and the future uncertain, when we don't know what to do next, what we actually can do is surrender.


Let go and breath and accept everything as it is in this moment. We don't have to know more or be more and it is OK to be just in this space we are in. Letting go always creates an opening, and little do we know what this opening might bring or which opportunity it will attract. Oftentimes we create not by doing much, but simply by allowing. And allowing happens when we surrender to something greater than our mind. We take a step back and trust in the process we are in. We trust that the one we are becoming already knows where we are going; that our higher self or innate intelligence is present and coming through more clearly when we relax.

To be this open and trusting can make all the difference because we actually invite wonderful new directions and solutions. The mind isn't always the most reliable companion, even if it seems so. Our heart, trust and intuition has far more potential and intelligence.

The moment we step out of our mind so many new doors open. This doesn't mean we can't use the mind, of course we do; but not as the only reliable source.

Dropping deeper and deeper into the heart-space and living and experiencing with feeling and connecting leads us to live in accordance with our intuition and inner knowingness.

And sometimes we can't explain why we feel the need to go a certain way about something, but we know it's right.

I noticed that currently directions can change quickly. What might have felt right yesterday, may feel different tomorrow. We are asked to be flexible and listen carefully to our inner guidance. One day action might be required, the next day leaning back and surrendering is more important. We learn to be in the present moment and be with the quality of the day; rather than planning too much in advance. Like this we are vibrant in the now moment and we create from a vivid alignment and not a mental plan.

Every time we invite and create from this vibrant space, we are most effective. Sometimes doing less is more and surrendering and allowing is all that is needed.


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