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Archangel Amethyst shows us the way to more ease and grace, even in those areas of our life where we have experienced hardship. Grace is a state of openness and connection to the divine and the highest potential, and grace brings fun and joy into everything. Oftentimes resistance is in the way and by going through it and coming to a place of allowing, grace can enter our life. By changing our intention and releasing resistance, we invite grace and create a life that is in the flow; where things come easily to us. We invite ease and grace into every aspect of our life and in every part of our body, so we can establish a new energy and a new flow within us. 


St. Germain shows us how to increase fulfillment in our lives and experience more happiness and enjoyment. The whole body with all its cells awakens and rejoices with vividness and aliveness while inviting the energy of fulfillment. By allowing it we are creating fulfillment. We are encouraged to recognize fulfilling experiences in small things. The more we open up and invite fulfillment, the more we are experiencing it. 


The ascended being Hathor, also known as the Egyptian goddess of love, fertility and beauty, showers us with her golden light of abundance and prosperity. She guides us into the endless stream of plenitude and richness. The golden energy of prosperity is nurturing us and filling everything that is depleted or exhausted.  The free flow of energy is abundance and we can create anything with it. While being is this frequency, programs of limitations are being removed and we step into the flow of infinite energy. 


3 Meditations with Energy Transmission 

audio download

3 x 20 Minutes

Archangel Amethyst: Grace - St. Germain: Fulfillment - Hathor: Prosperity

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