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Archangel Christine infuses us with the Christ Light. The Christ Light is a most powerful frequency of a golden-white color, carrying the energy of resurrection, harmony and divine perfection. We can bathe in this energy to restore balance in our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies and establish a new level of harmony within us. The Christ Energy is directed especially in one organ, that needs rejuvenation and recalibration right now. The Christ Light shines into our heart and from our heart and the Christ Consciousness expands. This frequency is the path into the Golden Age. As we remember the Christ Energy in our bodies, rejuvenation takes place.


Archangel Metatron brings us an uplifting, joyful energy. He connects us to deeper levels of joy while removing old programs of limitation and recalibrating our system to more joy. By consciously choosing joy as an important template for our life, we increase our experiences of joy immensely.


The Beings of Pure Light guide us to bring harmony and peace to our feminine and masculine aspects. Imbalances and distortions are being cleared, so that the divine qualities of the feminine and masculine can come forth. By balancing the Yin and the Yang and its beautiful interplay and dance, the supporting and nurturing abilities are strengthened. Gratitude and freedom of expression is brought to the feminine, and a release of old artificial constructs to the masculine. By bringing balance to the Yin and Yang, we are able to step into Unity Consciousness. 


3 Meditations with Energy Transmission 

audio download

3 x 20 Minutes

Archangel Christine: Christ Light - Archangel Metatron: Joy - Lightbeings

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