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The Light Body Activation is accompanied by Archangel Chamuel. It activates your light body in the way that is most appropriate and beneficial to you right now. It supports your light body process on many levels and helps you balancing and integrating the new light codes.


The Light Body Harmonization brings balance to your Light Body Process with all its many upgrades. It helps integrate what is needed and letting go of chaotic frequencies; especially the ones we are picking up from the collective. This Harmonization also brings ease to possible Light Body Process symptoms and shows your body how to get grounded on a regular basis. It also helps the nervous system to release tension and over stimulation so that more clam and wellbeing can be experienced.  


You can download and listen to the audio files or watch them as videos with a link.


2 Audios for download

2 Videos with a link

2 x 30 Minutes


Light Body Activation & Harmonization

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