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Mother Mary invites us to reconnect with our innocence. It is a childlike energy, that doesn't judge, that is present without the concepts we as adults have built around so many things. We carry this innocence in our heart and by reawakening it we connect with our eternal, innocent being. It has a very kind and loving frequency and it vibrates beyond polarity. By allowing this innocence to be part of us, we also invite pure love into our heart. 


Archangel Zadkiel guides us into acceptance of what we can't change. He also shows us how to accept and awaken our own divine qualities. We allow our divine qualities to be nurtured by acknowledging and accepting them and allowing them to grow. We are beyond what we think about ourselves. We are beings of Light and carry a lot of wisdom, and Archangel Zadkiel supports us seeing our qualities. 


To Isis all life is sacred. We are being filled with this pure Life Force Energy, that is directed into all our organs and every part of our being. Golden light streams through us and brings readjustment and healing. Our sacred connection to Source is strengthened and eternal rejuvenation and youth is activated. Fulfillment and prosperity in every cell is reestablished with this Sacred Life Force and we are adjusting to a higher frequency.


3 Meditations with Energy Transmission 

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3 x 20 Minutes

Mother Mary: Innocence - Archangel Zadkiel: Acceptance - Isis: Sacred Life Force

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