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The New Earth Alignment Series contains 12 channeled energy transmissions on different topics. Each one is 20 minutes long.

They are living recordings, which means you can listen to them multiple times and benefit from its transmissions again and again. 


St. Germain - Fulfillment

Quan Yin - Compassionate Heart

Mother Mary - Innocence

Hilarion - Birthing New Earth

Hathor - Prosperity

Isis - Sacred Life Force

Hawaiian Anscestors - Pure Love

Archangel Amethyst - Grace

Archangel Zadkiel - Acceptance

Archangel Metatron - Joy

Archangel Christine - The Christ Light

Beings of Pure Light - Harmonizing the Feminine and Masculine


12 Meditations with Energy Transmission

audio files for download

12 x 20 minutes

New Earth Alignment Series - 12 Energy Transmissions

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