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Quan Yin's transmission strengthens our heart space with the frequency of the Compassionate Heart, so that our abilities for love and compassion expand. Powerful transformations are possible through the heart and we are guided into our capacity for love, compassion and forgiveness.  

The frequency of the Compassionate Heart is one of the most powerful frequencies there is for transformation and transmutation of any kind. It's a beautiful space to be in and it supports our heart opening. 


The Hawaiian Ancestors awaken the Lemurian Heart within us, to align with the heart consciousness, with love to all living beings, the sky, the heavens and the earth. We are invited to open up again to this space, that we once inhabited; a space where all that we are was in full alignment with our purpose and heart; when every breath we took and every step we made was filled with this love frequency. We are now coming back to this Pure Love. The Pure Love carries us everywhere and it goes beyond what we can imagine; beyond any kind of separation. It is all there is. In this all embracing Pure Love lies the deepest connection and joy and the greatest abundance. 


The Ascended Master Hilarion explains what New Earth is and how each and every one of us is creating it. We are birthing the New Earth from within and we are assisting each other in this process. The Golden Age is created from within and the beauty, peace and harmony it contains is established internally. 

We are learning to focus on the inside. It is there, where we create our reality. We are birthing the light and the new potentials and possibilities right now.


3 Meditations with Energy Transmission 

audio download

3 x 20 Minutes

Quan Yin: Compassionate Heart - Hawaiian Ancestors: Pure Love - Hilarion: Birth

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