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and bring your project alive!

Step into your power and unleash your creativity.

Whether you like to work on an art project, business, book, blog, event or anything else,

this course will activate your creativity and inspiration and will help you master your project. 

This 8 week online course will guide you into your inner mastery for accessing

your unlimited, creative source. It removes blockages and restricting beliefs

and shows you how to open up your inspiration easily.

Would you like to share your project and its evolution in a group

and get coaching and amazing feedback?


8 Week Webinar Series 

Sundays at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 7pm Central European Time

90 minutes live

Sunday July 24

Inspiration Activation

Chakra Activation Meditation with Archangels, Project Sharing, Boost your Creativity

Sunday July 31

Releasing Blocks

Limiting Beliefs, Creative Mindset, Reverse Timeline Healing, Energy Psychology, Chakra Cleanse

Sunday August 7

Project Sharing 1

Short Meditation, Project Sharing and Receiving Feedback, Action Steps

Sunday August 14


Creating a Sacred Space, 3 Gifts Meditation, Positive Intentions, Power of Thoughts and Words

Sunday August 21

Brainstorm and Download

Share something of Your Project, Meditation with Intuitive Writing, Opening to Receiving

Sunday August 28

Project Sharing 2

Short Meditation, Project Sharing and Receiving Feedback, Action Steps

Sunday September 4

Awaken the Creator

Activate Creative Power, Cutting Cords with Whatever is Holding Us Back, Step Into Action

Sunday September 11


Open up to Gratitude, Fulfillment and Flow of Creativity Meditation, Project Sharing, Ceremony

$ 280

€ 273

Within these eight weeks your project will grow and evolve  significantly.

You will gain tools and insights on how to tap into your creativity and manifest easily.

And you will have clarity about your own creative process.

Some of my creative work:

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