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Summer introduces the Light Body Activation in a short video

The first video is a Light Body Activation that focuses manly on activating and strengthening the Light Body. The second video is about grounding and harmonizing all ongoing updates and energies in our field and  bringing ease to possible Light Body Process symptoms.

The Light Body is our Energy Body which gets activated with increased awareness and with the new energies coming in.

The energetic and physical body then start to release trapped emotions and beliefs,

braking down old paradigms and artificial constructs.

This often is accompanied by emotional and physical symptoms like feeling dizzy, disoriented, emotional,

or needing a lot of rest - and all kinds of other symptoms can show up as well.

As we remove old programs and experiences we are releasing a huge amount of density and making room

for more photonic light to run through us, so that our bodies are able to hold much more light.

This process can be challenging, but when we are aware that we are simply going through a clearing process,

and we are able to ground ourselves again and again, we can go through this with more ease.

We know that it is designed that way and we are doing exactly what we came here to do;

we are moving out of the 3rd into the 4th and 5th dimension.

The Light Body Activation Tracks support you exactly where you are at.

They bring balance and harmony to your bodies and chakras,

assists you to release restrictions and help you to be grounded.

You can listen to these tracks many times and they will keep supporting you.

Foggy Forest

The Light Body Process is about opening up to higher frequencies and implementing them in our bodies.

It is vital to stay grounded and connected to our physical body while doing this.

Otherwise we might risk to loose touch with our sanity, vitality and health.

While our higher chakras are getting activated it is important to also focus on our root; to the ground and to our physical experience. As we grasp our multidimensional selves, we are still human and walking on this beautiful Earth.

There needs to be a balance: while we are going up, we also need to go down.

We are restoring the disconnectedness in our bodies while releasing trauma and resistance;

so we can actually come to a place of full embodiment.

This embodiment means to be completely present.


We don't stay floating in other dimensions and forget about our human experience and physicality.

Instead we are bringing all that we are together and integrate it in our bodies; connecting the physical and all other aspects. This is true integration and embodiment.

This is not always that easy. My own Light Body journey has been extremely intense and I lost my vitality

almost completely at some point while going through this process. It cost me an enormous amount of energy

and focus to not loose my mind or give up. For quite some time the only thing that kept me going

was the hope that one day this would be over and I would feel well again.

Fortunately most people do this in a much more gentle way - and this is a gift.

However it can be challenging at times and I hope to be of assistance to many who experience this.

Relaxing in Nature

The Crystalline Light Body awakens with the activation of the crystalline codes and DNA we are all holding within our form.

They have been dormant for a very long time, but are still there to guide us back to an existence in a much

higher frequency and consciousness; back to a life in the 5th dimensional frequency (and higher),

where humanity once started it's journey on Earth.


While the crystalline information in our body gets activated more and more, a purification process takes place,

that touches every cell where old programs or trauma are still held within.

To be able to allow this to happen we need patience and surrender. We can't do or undo it with our ego,

it's quite the opposite. While our linear thinking can't quite understand this process,

we are asked to allow it to happen, the way it wants to. We might feel like we are loosing control and experience an increased amount of confusion and fear at times.


But more and more of our higher selves are merging with our human aspect,

which broadens our perception and awareness and amplifies our intuition.

The more we simply allow this to happen, the easier it gets. 


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