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Open Up to a New World

Open up and waking up to a new version of ourselves and new possibilities also means letting go. And getting ready for a new world also asks to let some old ways and habits behind us. But we are not always comfortable with letting go of something we believed in or relied on for a long time. We might have invested so much into a belief or a system, maybe during many lifetimes, that when we are asked to no longer see it as valid, we might feel shaken up or even threatened.

It can make us feel like we are losing the map we always used and we have no clue where we are going from there and who we are without those guidelines.

Even some spiritual beliefs we have carried with us might no longer serve us. Maybe we don’t need to meditate for hours to allow a shift, maybe we don’t have to be part of a specific group or eat a certain way, maybe we don’t have to do this the hard way… Whatever has served us as a guideline or tool might not be necessary anymore in these unprecedented times.

Our deepest longing for a beautiful, light-filled world is coming to be through us, and our old roles in an old system are being released. There is no need for the roles we once played anymore; the placeholders we were, the vows we once took and the sacrifices we agreed upon. Now we shed our old skin and with it all the facts and figures that have shaped us in past times. Now we become naked and renewed, whole and light, like never before. The old tools we don’t need anymore. Now we step upon new ground.

What we have invested in previous times has been appropriate; it has been as perfect as it is now to release the old paradigms. Now we stop and listen. We are free to be uplifted into new dimensions.

Wherever we go, we take with us what we have learned and we can allow changes upon changes boldly and know, that the essence of who we are is shining more brightly with every step we take. No experience is wasted, but we don’t need to repeat any of the old ones again. Now we are free to choose love and freedom over everything else and find our selves in new territory.

Are we ready to step into a new world and leave the old fears behind us? Are we ready for a new way of being? Sometimes we need a push or a helping hand, to go further into something new. And right now with what is going on in the world, we are the ones lending a helping hand to someone and receiving one by someone else. We are on a path of freedom and empowerment together.

I feel so much gratitude for this togetherness and community that is forming around the world, for this joined energy and urge for freedom. This is a movement with so much fire, that can go so very far. Let us all be the light, the fire, the community, that changes the world.


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