We are Creating Change!

So much change is in the air and so many are consciously and actively creating change right now! We are the miracles making huge changes possible; we are the ones reclaiming our freedom. I am so touched by everyone who is standing in their power and speaking

and showing their truth: the truth of a free human being standing in their sovereignty: Illuminating the truth, that most of humanity wants to be happy and free and create a peaceful planet for everyone. United in this vision we become a powerful statement for freedom, that is unstoppable. We are manifesting a new future right now; every day, every moment with our vibration, with our thoughts and visions and with our actions.

I feel so excited that more and more people are turning on their lie detectors and are starting to change their hearts and minds! And I am so happy about all the beautiful people holding space in a high vibration, so that a new timeline can begin right now. One that is leading us into a future that is abundant, healthy, free and in community for everyone.

Once enough people step into this timeline it will manifest. It has to. That's why I feel so excited today, because I can feel the numbers increase and this timeline getting stronger and stronger. Lets keep up the good work; stay optimistic and centered; and it will come to be.