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No More Taking on What Isn't Ours

Weather it is taking on other peoples energies, convictions or problems, it is now time to drop everything that isn't ours and stand tall in our own energy.

Some of us have been transmuting energies from other people all our lives. We have absorbed and transformed so much that wasn't ours; sometimes just to help, or because we were used to do so or simply didn't know any other way, or we didn't appreciate our own energy enough. These times are over and we all need to stand tall in our own energies now. We are no longer helping anyone by taking on energies and problems that aren't ours. Everyone is asked to take care of their own stuff and be fully responsible for themselves. It is time now.

As we no longer take on energies that aren't ours, we also affirm our own energy and our own path. In order to do this we might take a step back from all that is going on, we might stop reading certain news, going to certain events or places and allow us to just focus on our own energy and our own steps. We are grounding ourselves in the frequency and the light we are able to be in and to hold, and we just shine, like stars. That's all we actually need to do.

As we affirm our own truth and our own energy more and more, we draw in more of the same frequencies on a daily basis.

The beauty we are affirming comes back to us, the validation we are affirming comes back to us, the essence we are affirming shines back to us and the path we are affirming clears out for us. While on some days this is easier to do than on others, it's not just something we do, it's also a picture we are painting inside - or maybe on a vision board, if we like. It's filled with the colours we like, the places we love... everything that shows us the energy we want to be in, we want to be grounded in. Maybe it's a vision that points to freedom, maybe a vision that includes wonderful sharing with others; whatever it is, it's good to have a vision for it within you all the time. Maybe it's also an emotion without a visual counterpart, just something that reminds you of where you are placing yourself. While we hold this vision strongly within us, we are affirming it and we are guiding ourselves to it. This also helps us to release energies that are not ours and that are not serving our vision. The more we affirm and therefore also validate and respect our own energy and who we are, the more we allow ourselves to be who we are, in any kind of situation. And as we validate and respect ourselves and simultaneously also respect others as they are, we are able to stop absorbing what isn't ours.

#NewEarth #keepEnergyclean #affirmyourenergy

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martin wachsmann
martin wachsmann
Feb 11, 2021

One recognizes your honesty, your awarness, your passion, your care, your love in what you are writing... embracing

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