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Where are we going?

This question could possibly lead to a very long elaboration of how things are and how they are therefore going to be in the future... but surprisingly it is not so much about how things are in the current moment, but where we are heading. What are we connecting to? What are we envisioning? What are our daily choices?

What are we drawing in through our thoughts and imagination? In what frequencies are we moving?

The future is built by our frequency and our mind-set. And this works individually as well as collectively. So much that is unthinkable right now will be in our reality as soon as we are vibrating in a high enough frequency, where the shadow players no longer have any influence and their power crumbles away quickly. What will happen then? So many new technologies and systems will emerge and transform our way of living. There is no way that we can predict the future from where things are right now. In the midst of all the turmoil we don't see what is actually falling away and what is being built anew and getting momentum for a new world.

Let's focus and put our attention on where we want to go and where we want to be. How do we want to live and share with others? How do we like to feel? What are our dreams? Let's allow ourselves to already see and feel all these things and start living in this frequency or in this world already as much as possible. This way we are creating it. And the more people share the same dream of a peaceful and free world, we are creating it day by day on a collective level as well.

Every single moment is a moment of creation. Every thought has a vibration and every vibration has an impact. It does matter what we are thinking; it's already a step in the direction where we are going. By inviting uplifting, positive, beautiful thoughts, we are already creating a positive, beautiful future while feeling better in the now-moment. Our thoughts and intentions are powerful creators; we manifest through them, day by day.

While the pillars of the old and corrupt world are collapsing, also our old ways that do not serve us any longer need to go. We can ask - or even better make a statement - what we want the pillars of our life to be: the pillar of love, the pillar of freedom... or whatever we like. And also with this intention we are choosing where we are going.


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