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Everything You Want, You Already Are

We attract what is in our frequency: Things that we wish for and also things that need to be healed and released.

The more we feel everything we wish for as already present in our own energy field, even when it's not yet matched in the outside, the better it can actually manifest. In the Quantum Field everything is present and available without space and time. And therefore everything we ever want or wish for is already there. When we tune into this possibility and let go of the feeling of lack, we embrace our fullness. We tap into the field of vast potentials, in a space without any separation and suppression, where everything can be expressed and experienced.

As humans we have mostly forgotten about this limitless realm, it is overshadowed by conditioning and programming of all kinds of sorts. But this godlike state and realm is a reality and it is actually much more natural than our world filled with boundaries.

When we allow ourselves to feel the magic again of this generous and infinite space, we connect to our divine nature and we therefore reclaim our part as a divine being and creator again. We are powerful and our potential is abundant, we just have forgotten this truth. We struggle to find our identity, our place and our home, when all we have to do is opening up to the love and beauty that we truly are.

Maybe it takes courage to do so; to change our thinking and habits, but it is possible and the more we do it, the more abundant and magical our life gets. And not just or only by big things that enter our lives, but the so called small things as well: We experience nature again as the miracle that it is; the amazing colors, fragrances and taste of a flower or fruit, the power and wisdom of the trees and the cleansing force of the ocean. The world sometimes doesn't change; but the way we look, experience and move in it makes all the difference. We are magical creatures in a magical world.

The opening up to this field of potential and fertility invites our dreams. We manifest through the power of the consciousness of this space.


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