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Soul Alignment

There are massive soul alignments happening right now. What does this mean? It means that a lot of people sense that they can't go a little left or a little right from their soul path; now they have to be straight on their soul-aligned path. Every aberration has far too many consequences and will lead into a direction we don't want to be on.

It's very important to feel into this sense, into our gut, our intuition, into what gives us guidance and lets us know if we are on the right path or not; and this simply means in alignment with our soul and with our highest good.

A lot of what seemed to be good or ok a year ago, ten years ago or just a month ago won't be right for our soul path anymore. We need to be open and see everything with great awareness; so we can see if this therapist, job, friend or place etc. is still in alignment with us. It's not a time to lean back and let habit do the rest; it's a time where we need to make important choices.

Everything that we do we can use as an opportunity for choice. Is this still the thought pattern we want to be in or do we choose something different? Is this still the place we want to visit? Is this still the job that we want to do now and in the future? Is this still the conversation we want to have?

Every moment we allow ourselves to be open and inspired we can feel our inner guidance speaking to us. Through ideas that pop up, excitement that we feel about something or a clear yes or no that we feel inside... and many other ways, we feel our innate intelligence; our connection to our soul path.

To listen and feel within is the most important power we have. By being connected to our inner guidance we will thrive, even in tumultuous times, and we will know what to do.


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