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Rearranging Priorities

A first and most important step for any change is rearranging priorities. Whatever we focus on and give energy to the most, we accept as our priority.

Sometimes these priorities need to change in order to step into a new version of our selves and our lives.

We can take a step back for a moment and have a look at our priorities. Are they really there where we want them to be? Or do we focus on things just out of habit? Do we give enough space to what is really important to us?

Rearranging priorities can be fun. First it just starts in our mind. Our focus, our thoughts and therefore our intentions change, even when there is no modification in the outside. But this is powerful and launches all the changes yet to come. It opens up new possibilities and shifts not only our consciousness but also our actions. Therefore, even when we don't know how things can unfold differently, we are already moving in a new direction.

The importance here is to keep going with the new mindset and trust that it will take us where we want to be. If we are already there in our mind; we are already there.

We allow new ideas to come in, allow new potentials to unfold and new opportunities to show up. The openness to new directions will bring the change.

Every little change in our consciousness is important and has an impact. So rearranging our priorities is vital for any kind of transformation we wish for.


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